Uhhh - well progress is little to none. I did get a non-sewing distraction today though. A short travel to Frankfur aM to have meeting for "Story Drive" on the Book Fair in October. Oh but I guess that's not interessting for you - so the no to little progress on my sewing.


I got a few more inches of binding sewn on my bluegreenpink

sewing on the bidning

I already told that on Monday or was it Sunday? anyway I got a good bit done on my Scrapquilt, that's been in the making since October last year I think - so we will talk again in a year see if it's gotten any bigger.

a giant puzzle


Still waiting on my last June Beeblocks - but I got two more blocks for July today - I'm not sure anymore about the pattern - maybe I need to "invent" something to settle the quilt - maybe a sashing, but that would destroy the pattern hmmm - any ideas?

design floor update - 2013/08/21


I started sewing the top for the 9-patch themed Doll Quilt - and I don't liek the result .. now I'm thinking again and I don't have much time left.

ugly 9patches ...

Sadly I haven't done of the Farmer's Wife blocks - but I will get to them at the end of September.
I might have joined another Quilt along - I have a very traiterous subconsious - well that won't start until September so I'm taking a deep breath and am clming my nerves.

I did sew myself some shocking sport shorts - now I'm a bit scared of wearing them in public ... green dots on purple - well give me a few more days. Oh yeah I didn't mention the orange bias tape.

sport shorts - running shorts



  1. I'm loving the look of your scrapquilt!

  2. I love the shorts - wear them!

  3. I like that bee quilt the way it is. Maybe you could make a few less patterned blocks to add in there if you think it's too busy?

  4. I LOVE the Bee quilt. It is scraptastic. Do not mess with it too much... please.