first day of the holidays

Well ok it's probably more the second day - I spent the first one cleaning up and doing laundry and packing and cutting fabric ... After an unusually uneventful train journey I did dive head first into sewing ...
Ok it did take me a while to set up the sewing machine - the old Lady is a bit well, let's say she sometimes has her own mind. I should probably introduce her to you at some point - it's an old PFAFF machine, and probably the grandma of my main machine and mother of my heavy duty machine ...

Anyway I did get some sewing done yesterday - as I decided not to wait on the last bee that is hmm ignoring me and went ahead and assembled the top.

BeeBiased June Queen - top done
ehemm yeah I folded it over night - you will see the reason in the next picture - and didn't iron it for the photo shoot

In the evening I went for a puzzle - while watching, or rather listening to an Austrian movie I knelt on the floor arranging and re-arranging and changing and ... I'm really glad my mum has such a large free space in the living room .. I'm sure to spend some more time arranging and re-arranging in the next few days.

puzzling all night - and the next morning

Today I spent most of the day in the garden, planting a rose and some other perennial things, and a few strawberries that are of the early kind, and I got the wood I need to fix the wood-shed roof ...

Tomorrow is for visiting the park I worked at for a year, getting tea and some fresh meat and tinned sausage, and catching up with old friends ...

The Ladies
The Ladies - very headstrong ---- the meat is the kids, nieces, nephews

drying flower leaves for tea
the drying beds for herbs and in this case flower petals for teas .. 



  1. Man bist Du fleißig! Toll :)

  2. Your quilt top is beautiful - I love the colors!

  3. Hey Leo, The kaleidoscope top is beautiful. That is a great fabric for that kind of project! Are you using the 'stack and wack' pattern? Lamb sausage? I don't think we have that in the states?! I recognize the rose and marigold petals what's the blue? Have fun vacationing!!!! cheers,CW