thursday sewing marathon

So yeah - sport is unhealthy - I realize that time and time again ... but I just can't stop - well that's what tape is for right?!

Yeah I had some time to catch up on some sewing - of course the I really had to get going with the Red Herring, it's a QAL project that's been on since the beginning of September.

keeping track of the strips                chain piecing roken herringbone blocks

Yeah well I'm not this focused on one block kind of person, so catching up was hard work - but I managed to get a sort of chain piecing system going. I did each step with all 8 strip sets, so after a few hours and hmm a little bit of Longmire (the TV series) - ok lots of - I had a 3x3 layout ready in the evening, and as it's autumn the light is gone early, so there are only crappy pictures.

The first wave of catch up blocks - Red Herring - MSBHBQAL

I think it was Claire who wondered what lamb sausage is - well it's really just any kind of sausage made from lamb meat - in this case it's liver sausage, Fleischwurst (ask wikipedia) and some hmm well I really have no idea and the dictionary isn't really helping with explaining German sausage variations in English ... maybe I should just send a tin hmmm customs won't like that ...

Which is why I can't possibly really explain how to do "traditional" (that is traditional in my family) Maultaschen (filled pasta) are made because you need special sausages - it's really interesting how every country has its own special kind of filled pasta ... Anyway grandma is happy to have a full freezer again ... ohh and that's a "pasta board" there ... very useful for all kinds of fresh pasta ... but then there are only two kinds one really needs - Maultaschen and "broad pasta" for "Krautnudeln" (cabbage pasta)

preparing Maultaschen in granny's kitchen
aye the "old" Ladies at work (that is mom working and granny giving 
not always so useful comments) and me taking pictures

Hmm yeah I always get a little sentimental when I was home and got all the good food and then go to the stores here just to see bewildered faces when asking for some ingredients, I guess I will have to learn how to make my own sausages eventually ... or just move back ...  It would all be so much better if they could just get themselves to make some decent lye rolls ...



  1. Your quilt looks great! I love the reds that you chose.

  2. I love the colours in your quilt. It looks great.