UFOs - NewFOs

I got even more sewing done - besides doing a sort of "autumn clean out" ... can't really call it spring cleaning this time of the year. I did get my September Doll Quilt almost finished it's missing the binding - but as I know for sure that my partner is sometimes reading the blog - I will keep the pictures to the sneak peek.

sneak peek - DQS September 2013

I never thought it would actually happen - but here it goes the only website of the US I actually spent hours using and getting acquainted with ... is down too. I wonder how many of the quilters are on unpaid leave at the moment and if there will be a wave of quilts - like depression quilts or civil war quilts .. just they will be named hmmm nahh I better not come up with a name who knows who's reading this and will haunt me later on...

Well yeah I will just keep doing my own sewing ... I don't have enough UFOs I think ... I failed to finish my September UFO, it's still sitting "in" the machine waiting for me to finish the quilting. I get distracted far too easily. And end up starting new things .. like this:

I like it - would make an interestin quilt ...

I made sure I can sew it without needing my cutting board and the cutter - maybe I can get some more stars done during the long weekend - being away again ...



  1. Hey Leo, I have to laugh at our government! I think the Tea Party people have really cut off their noses to spite their faces on this issue and made them selves unpopular even with in their own party! Love the poke-a-dots! Is the project going to be all poke-a-dots? Should be interesting...cheers, CW

  2. Love all the dots in your block! Thanks for sharing.
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