growing quilt

You can say what you want about the internet and its dangers - I got 4 more really really great blocks for my Bee quilt.

bee blocks + extra blocks - aiming for a 4x5 layout ..

I finished the bee block for September - and it's got approval, so it can go out on Monday - together with 2 Doll Quilts, two FQs and other bits and pieces ...

trial block for the NewBee Bee

I have this fantastic knack to choose colour combinations for others that I would run away from screaming - well yeah I also buy the fabrics - well yeah I don't know why I had this "need" to do a pink block - well you see it ended up mostly red, but looking for pink I got a little distracted with the scrap bins....

getting distracted - a little - searching for pink ...

But yeah I got enough 2,5 inch squares to make some more blocks to keep the quilt growing on my own.



  1. Hey Leo, the Bee blocks look fantastic. Definitely one of my favorites amongst all your projects. I hope it keeps growing! Sometimes you just got to leap into a color scheme and play with it that's how you expand your repertoire?! Sometimes you even find out you like those colors after all?! cheers, CW

  2. That's looking really good, girly!