Lazy Bum Global retreat

The Lazy Bums had a global retreat on Saturday to get us all on the way for the January challenge: get blocks from samplers done (Farmer's wife, just takes 2, ....)

Well I had to work till 4 so I didn't get that much done, but I had some fun choosing scraps for the easier blocks of the FW ... yeah I probably should aim for getting the complicated ones done first, but I didn't feel like doing anything that could possibly frustrate me ....

2 - Autumn tints10 - Bowtie

12 - Broken Sugar Bowl11 - Broken Dishes

34 - Flock21 - Contrary Wife

69 - Practical Orchard41 - Friendship Star

71 - Puss in the Corner6 - Big Dipper

70 - Prairie Queen68 - Postage Stamp

So these are my 12 new blocks ... I was under the impression I had 14 new ones ... hmmm maybe I forot some pictures, or I'm just bad at counting ...

For the next few days I need to do a bee block, a doll quilt and have fun ... and then it's back to the serious stuff agian, writing papers and essays...



  1. Fabulous blocks! And thanks for linking them up! I just love the diversity!

  2. Papers and essays - what a shame:-) Your blocks are great - I love the tiny squares.

  3. I especially like the last block, it is so bright. The first one is cool, too, I think it reminds me of a licorice allsorts :)

  4. oo - they look so good :-)

  5. Hi Leo, Happy New Year! Looks like you were very productive! I really like the lime green and I see there's a few blocks there that I have not made for my sampler which I'm still droning away on! Thanks for the ideas! cheers, CW

  6. I like the name, it sounds fun!