on my knees

I complained about it before - but complainign doesn't seem to help, I spent another round of pin basting on my knees on the floor. Anyway this is a batting experiment, I ordered wool batting for my next quiltover Christmas and it finally arrived this week.

batting trial ....

It is not actually produced for quilters, but rather for home spinners, so it's very fluffy but also comes apart easily, but it's really very soft, the cream colour doesn't really show on the pictures, well it's more a butter yellow, and it still has a touch of sheep smell clinging to it.

very fluffy wool

It was a bit fiddly to get unfolded, but it turned out to be just the right square size for one of my UFOs that's been waiting for some time now in one of the storage boxes. Lucky me the batting fit the quilt perfectly ... just a little iron love and a ton of pins missing

everything fits

Now I'm off to think about quilting patterns, straight line, try free motion - the only thing that's sure is that it needs to be really dense or the batting will just "ball up". I'm really terrified of having to wash it.



  1. It's going to be lovely! I'll be interested to see how you get on with this batting - it seems like a really "proper" thing to use:-)

  2. Mmm… and it seems like the quilt will be really fluffy which would work really well with this design. You could do some cool outline / echo quilting through the white areas. Good luck and thanks for linking up!

  3. Der wird schön! Tolle Stoffe hast Du da drin! Mit dem Vlies wird das Ganze bestimmt schön kuschlig!

  4. Ich bin gespannt, wie kuschelig dein Quilt wird. Das Quilten schaffst du schon!

  5. Hey Leo, You are very brave! As you say you will have to quilt it a lot to stablize that batting. But wool batting is wonderful stuff. I used some on a hand quilting project and it 'needles' really nicely. I like the top too nice colors! cheers, CW