last doll quilt dealings of 2013

Today I got the last doll quilt from 2013 - so I thought it would be nice to take a picture of all of them. I really need to get them on the wall. Some are already up but not all of them.

2013 Doll Quilts

Well this is my addition to someone elses collection ... the last one that went out in the mail ... and will hopefully arrive soon.

DQS - 2014/01 - for Ann

I had a great time sewing the top and marking the quilt with plates and a glass and some rulers - the quilting was a nightmare though, tension was funny and not cooperating. There were a lot of curves and back and forth and loose threads. But all in all I really like how it turned out. I'm just sad I can't keep it.

DQS - 2014/01 - for Ann

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  1. Hey Leo, what a nice collection of quilts! I really like the snow men, they are so cheerful and the 'modern' quilt to the left is nice and colorful too! Your quilting project is great. I love the quilt pattern you design with the plates and cups, very cool! cheers, CW