crazy days

While most of the town was busy getting drunk and watching the "Fasenet"-Parade on Rosenmontag I took the second best refuge after leaving town and hide out the days and celebrate the way I'm used to from home. Link to more pictures of madness

  I decided to put in some hours ... I'm with the blue group at the back hiding in the orange masse 


work while the rest celebrates

getting some radio relais and atenna stuff set up .... the reason for a late lunch ... and today it was back to papers and the usual stuff ... missing home a bit and did you know Lent starts tomorrow? maybe I will have more time for sewing skipping chooclate breaks, and less excuses for not doing hand sewing while eating chips/crisps while watching TV.


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  1. Wow, Leo! I checked out the link to all the parade pix! It looks like quite the to-do! What is Rosenmontag? I tend to stay away from big street parties to. All the hub bub and noise are to much for me! But it's nice to see pix of everybody celebrating something! cheers, Claire W.