pre Easter gardening

Please excuse this so not sewing related post - it's going to be about spring and fun and a first sunbur. But let's start at the beginning. This is what it looked like around Christmas when the second half of this years onion bed was created ... uhuh digging into a perfectly upkept lawn (but really who needs grass when thy can get a year's supply of onions).

last year

We have a straggly climber at the rigth of the garden shed thingy and a rose arbor with a sad excuse for a rose - I guess there once was a "grafted" rose but that at some point the base took over ... anyway the decision was - the stuff had to go ...

creating a huge mess

The scraggly climber was the first to go - I can't say I really tried cutting it to take it off it's climbing help ... I just pull-pushed-struggled it off in hone go (you can see the handles of the things I used, some rakes and a hoe) - it was far easier to just cut through the bases and drag the whole thing off  and then do a sort of bon-fire. Which brings us the the rose arbor, a nice idea but hmm not beautifully executed, but surely planned to hold for life.

undoing old sins

By now I'm an expert in undigging metal poles, posts and everythign else made of metal you can get at least 50cm into the ground like reinforcing steel (they stuff they put in the beton in buildings) the previous owner was especiialy fond of that. The secret is - water it very very ery well, dig down deep and then you start to wiggle and pull and press and you learn to be quite creative in cursing whoever did dig the stuff in .. and then eventually the thing will give and you can sort of drag it out and enjoy a well deserved break ...

and so much more is still waiting

Now so you don't think all I ever do is undo things ... I do actually do new things too ... like dig out the place for a new compost heap - had to get some drainage under it, because a soaking wet compost heap is no fun ...

preparing for yet another compost heap

So after digging and cleaning up (and planting a few things that don't like freezing temps - rosemary, some salvias ...) you can almost see that the garden is slowly becoming a garden. But there is still sooooooo much to do ..

starting to look like a garden ..

Ohh yeah and in case you wondered - there are flowers in the garden ... we have several tulips and daffodils and muscari growing below the "Schönemann" raspberries (they have the fruit on the year old shots/twigs, they taste great and they usually offer quite a good harvest) - we also have some "Bliss" which are great because they keep blooming and putting on new berries until the temperatures drop below freezing ... we also have some yellow ones, they are really early ....

and yes there are also flowers



  1. So impressed by the results of your hard work - it's looking great!

  2. Hey Leo, I agree with Catherine, that's a lot of really hard work! And it really does look like it's coming along nicely! I'm a bit confused about the raspberries. Schonemann (sorry no umlaut on my keyboard) variety is fruiting right now?! My early crop berries are just barely formed?! And whose yard is this, your mom's or granny's or someone else? The tulips are very pretty, alas, mine are long gone but the Spring wild flowers are in full force so there is plenty of color in my garden! Happy Spring!! cheers, CW