presenting a finish

It's really time I present this one - it's been finished and waiting for me to either clean up my design floor or take it outside for a few pictures. So I took it with me to hand in a paper and stopped along the way cycling home. I present:


redorangepurple the back

name: redorangepurple (BeeBiased 2014)
size: 66" x 60"
patter: Thrifty (the pieced block) + solid squares
quilting: machine quilted on my machine in a diagonal lines
back: framed signature blocks



  1. Wow! Two quilts in one...I love this quilt, I love the colors you chose; unusual mauve(ish) and red(ish) color mix. One of a kind.

  2. I agree with Maryse! I was going to say I love the back, but it could be a quilt top. Love!

  3. Wow, now that's incredible! A completely reversable quilt! I had to look twice, because I thought it was the same design! It looks great! What type of batting is inside? And what eill you now do with it? LG Karen

  4. Great quilt! The set is great for those blocks, having the plan blocks in between really balances to busy blocks and the wide red border helps to balance the colors! And the crosshatched quilting is a really good finish to the whole quilt! Well done! (I hope you are keeping this one or giving it to someone really special!!) cheers, cw

  5. Love the great Fall colours in your quilt! Well done!

  6. Hi Leo.
    Marsha (QuilterinMotion) from TB here. I love your quilt all finished. What an amazing job you did with the many blocks the gals sent. The colors really work here. Well done!