catching up on October

I was a bit busy lately and I did a marathon sewing stint this morning - that I think one of my neighbours interpreted as me having a great party at 10 in the morning with the basses turned way up ... uhh yeah .. I might have to do a quitling session this afternoon and see if she starts complaining again then I know for sure it's me ... I guess I will have to go buy some earplugs for her. Well I did get a good deal of things done by disturbing her peace:

BusyBees - October

StashBee October

NewbeeBee - October

And I also spend some time in the beginning of October drawing patterns and generally haing fun planign quilts I knew there was no chance I woudl ge started this year, well except one of them. The first one is for a "flying geese" hmm bee/swap thingy well and of course I could just use a standard pattern, or any other pattern already out there nooo I had to go and make up my own:


Octagees are done ... well ok still to do the final cutting instructions .. but there is an end in sight

Octageese quadrant - trial piece

I also had fun drawing up this pattern, and I'm planning on doing it with one of my tartan fabrics (though exactly when I'm goign to it is the unasnwerable question) ... I just need to decided whether I want to use a coordinated solid background or go for good old white ... I am leaning towards the blue, pink, purple, green tartan ...


tartan fabrics for my green+white pattern ...



  1. I like those designs of yours, but your neighbour sounds like the neighbour from hell!

  2. I like the whirling 6 pointed star, it would be interesting to see a bunch of those put together! And the modern one too! I like the flying geese design, very cool. I think the smaller grid tartan (pink and blue) might go better with that block design?! You've been busy! cheers, cw

  3. Well, I guess it's been a sewing marathon. Great work!

  4. Hallo Leo,
    ich habe Dich nominiert. Guck mal hier: http://zausellocke.blogspot.de/2014/11/ausgezeichnet.html
    Liebe Grüße

  5. I love your flying geese block and the pattern it will make. Interesting that you make your blocks up by hand on paper. That is what I do as well but most times these days I see people using a computer program. They both have advantages I suppose. The computer designs are easy to change and to replicate to see how they will look as a bigger design. But there is more closeness and satisfaction is doing it by hand.