more arrivals

I did some sewing - but the sewing is at the moment drying on the heater and doesn't look photogenic at all ... so more tomorrow on that.

But my first block from my monthly block swap arrived - a true beauty made by Joan. I really start to like swapping, it's amazing what other people are able to do. (I always hope that what I do is still getting the beginners bonus.)

  And after waiting for what seemed like ages - due to the very thorough German customs office: Opend by the "German Mail" to be processed customs wise at least they have good tape to seal the envelope again.

But of course the contents were worth the wait - I don't know why I deserved to win this give away, but I absolutely love it. I'm a puzzle maniac .. ok I'm a maniac/fanatic about a lot of things. But this special puzzle combines two of my passions. This special puzzle to celebrate the national quilting month was sent to me by Angela.


PS: I'm sorry about the bad quality but lately I don't get anything done before it's dark


  1. Great I feel better knowing your puzzle arrived. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.

  2. I do like 'the fresh quilting puzzle'. The idea of quilting like this looks great, and I would love to try it...