I worked on quite a few things but got nothing finished ...

a "fly-protection-crochet-thingy" for summer, so I can cover the fruit salad bowl, or any other bowl. Well I just liked the pattern and felt like using up my blue. I doubt I iwll ever use it. I just need to add the beads in the last round to make the thing hang down on the sides of the bowl, maybe I will not add them and have a thing to look at instead.

I worked on my castle blocks - and my did I cut the towers wrong .... I thought about adding a green (=grass) strip at the bottom to cover up my mistake.

A castle parade

as you see it's nice and sunny, so we will later take a cae outside and enjoy it

I did finish the birthday present scarf - and of course gave it away without taking "nice" pictures, I will have to ask for them. But I did take a picture of it drying on the heater over night...

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  1. Intereasting brick patterned fabric. What will you do with the towers?

  2. I love the blue bowl cover. If I knew how to crochet, I'd make one.