another month gone by

This will be my last time to join the Small Blog Meet it seems I'm not small anymore - though I do still feel small scale with doing just a few projects a month. But if you read regularly you know I'm a small scale sewer.

I don't feel like I have done anything this month ....

I was told one could recognise it - it was the first time I tried some foundation piecing - ok just stripes but a big step for me. I sent away these castles for a swap - and now I'm impatiently waiting for the returns ... I'm not good at being patient.

This is not sewing, but I it will end up in some sewing project. Printing on fabric, I liked the typewriter so much I painted it on several fabrics. And "pepped up" some boring white squares


I finished a star top and pieced a back that I think I will turn into another top, just adda few more squares  and hunt for some more backing


Lily's Quilts .... Lily's Quilts .... ....

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  1. I think you have accomplished quite a bit. I love the typewriter print you made. You will have fun putting that into a project.