Ribbonry - double rainbow

I won this pattern ages ago at a give away and as I'm waiting for batting to finish other tops I thought why not start catching up on aptterns I saved up to make. And as I was given this pattern, it was quite high on my list.
I got the pattern from Candice at The Double Nickl Quilt Challenge

I started fabric picking and cutting in the morning .. then headed out for the afternoon and then did some late night sewing. You can see / guess my Iranian fig (right) and my purple chilli (left) on the window sill.


Well and this morning I was ready to assemble the whole thing - I think I found two points or so taht aren't matching, but I'm not going to repair that - it will just be a sign of "hand made".


Now I just wander wheather I shoudl keep it or let someone else have a joy with it... my sisters might both like it, maybe I should make two of them? but can I make identical gifts? ohh well I coudl make different backings - but can I manage that until Christmas? ahh you see decisions and more decisions...



  1. Very nice! I'm also trying to finish things that I am making for gifts and you are right, a lot of decisions to make!

  2. This is fabulous Leo!
    Yes - make two!!

  3. The multi colored dots and solids make for a very colorful scheme! And I like that pattern! It sounds like it did not take you tooooo long to construct the top. Two quilts by xmas seem possible?! And those hand made items are always the most treasured! cheers, CW