sewing weekend

It's really weird to be done writing, today I will get the last "red version" the final spell check ... so I have been a little bit productive - just to keep me from goign nuts thinking about all the you coulds, and myabe you shoudl haves ...

I got into my first Bee - well actually 3 Bees, but the other two are starting next year. So I sat down and made my blocks. I chose a maverick / wonky star - I was sure I could make them - but I didn' want a big empty space in the middle I made a small star for the center ... and I quite like how they turned out.

orange, yellow, gray

ornage, gray

red, gray, black

aqua, lime, red, gray

pink, aqua, cherry red

purple, green, plantlike



  1. I like the way they turned out too. 3 bees I can only handle one!! Enjoy.

  2. Hey Leo, the blocks are great! Are you familiar with Gwen Marston? Her book "Liberated quilt Maker" has a lot of blocks in that same style. But I really like your little wonky stars inside the bigger ones. I don't think I've seen that before! Congrates on your almost finihed status! cheers, CW