This is a mixed post - I should be packing, I'm going home tomorrow.

But I first had to celebrate with a Pumpkin Pie - my BA thesis is now waiting in line for the two Profs to grade it.It was very delicious, with some whipped cream, Japanese cinnamon tea and a few hours of card games ...

Pumkin Pie

And I got tagged by Catherine from Knotted Cotton I'm not a fan of the chain things, but I will answer her questions of course ..

So - WIP pictures and answers mixed together -I started on the binding for my mum's birthday present:

Beginner's Quilt Along

Why do you blog?
Hmm good question - I don't know anyone sewing that actually lives anywhere close by, I like to get comments that why I do is nice and not get those "aha and what do you sew taht for?" - guestions. Ohh and of course it's a way to use my English, it's one thing to read and watch movies, actually having to write it is harder

What is your favourite thing about blogging?
To discover new ideas, whatch pictures, get to knew random things about other peoples lifes .. I'm curious and nosy. Getting nice comments I can answer to -  that is more than just: "I like the orange", "That is nice"

Would you consider that you are the same person in real life?
No - absolutely not ... I'm much nicer on the internet, but that's probably becuase it's easier to ignore not so well liked individuals. But my tendency to start babbling is always there - not always to my advantage.

I finished and sent of some bee blocks:


What would you change in your life, if you could?
Hmm my life hasn't been long yet, there aren't really any bad choices I wish I could change. Except - I would want to go back to my 18th birthday and not make my mum so mad that she refused to make a cake (I had a talent for that)

Where is your favourite place to be?
Ohh that is a hard one, anywhere with mountains and forrest around could become a favourite place - I'm just not made for flat coasts ... I always love the sense of "feeling whole and home" when my train goes through the first mountainy region while travelling towards "home".

Do you admire anyone (historical or contemporary) and why?
My mum, she put up with me for 21 years - I'm not always easy
A historical person - well I think there are too many amazing people that just made a living and went by completely unnoticed, so I don't think I want to pick anyone famous.
I came a litle fiurther on a secret swap item:


What would you do, given sufficient funds?
I want a house with enough land for a huge garden, a small part near the back door with vegetables and a big orchard further back. Ohh and some sheep ... Ohh and all of that preferably in cycling distance to a workplace - just in case I run out of funds.

What makes you happy?
Very philosophical - making others happy .... on a lower scale - running around in a warm downpour during a summer thunder storm, go sledging in winter, build snowmen, have someone do the dishes after I cooked ... a cup of hot chocolate and a good book in the evening ... 

What is your favourite food?
That is a righ out mean question - how am I to decide, I love chocolate sure, but always chocolate - no thanks. I  enjoy traditional Swabian dishes (don't feel bad if you don't know any), I like lasagna, I like porridge, I like vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries ... ohh I could write down a nearly endless list. I do not like most of the innards, I'm no potato fan and I do not like leek soup. Oh and I'm a bit vary of seafood.

Ohh and I got talked into joining a QAL (now that I'm almost doen with my first - see the birthday present) - so I picked the colours, I just forgot to put the orange on the pile ...

Easy street

Have you ever had an adventure?
Ohh sure - well for me they were adventures. 

What is the thing you've done of which you are most proud?
 I have not the slightest idea - I don't think I ever really did anything special, I jsut do what needs to be done ...

And the tag asked for eleven random (11) things about myself
1 I'm a bookworm
2 I own far too many DVDs
3 I enjoy a good beer
4 I love driving a tractor
5 I write tons of snail mail
6 I don't like telephones
7 I can't decide between tea and coffee
8 I will be done with my Bachelor in Spring
9 I like dark bread with butter and raspeberry jam
10 I wear woolen socks in the months with an "r" unless it's really really warm

11 I collect all sorts of things

Oh my that is one wordy post - sorry.



  1. I love the randome facts especially #10!

  2. Bee blocks are wonderful - that blue-green-red-grey polka dotty one is amazing. Don't know how you gave it away!

  3. Your BA thesis was delicious, with whipped cream on it? (I'm teasing you - your English is actually quite good) What is your thesis about? And I really do like orange. Oh and I love your bee blocks. Thanks for the snippets of info about you.

  4. I enjoyed reading this! We have some points in common and many others opposite (chocolate, haha). I really like your mum's birthday present. Hope she likes it too. :-)

    So now you let me wondering which address should I use next?

  5. Hey Leo,
    My guess is you have done lots of things to be proud of, sometimes 'just doing what needs to be done' can be quite extraordinary! The pumpkin pie looks like it came out great. I love the b-blocks and that new stack of fabrics looks like fun. I love that shade of green. enjoy your holiday! cheers, Claire W.