This is a somewhat hushed up topic in Germany - know it but don't talk about it. Wikipedia tells you a bit about its history 

It's officially the day to remember all those who were victims of war (soldiers and civilians) - the picture is very incomplete as there is officially no research allowed on German ground, though there are war graves suspected. And as Germany is not officially at war all those deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan or elswere are not seen as fallen soldiers, so they won't ever get their own dot on the map.

Größere Kartenansicht

Following all the blogs over the last year, the patriotic quilts you make, the quilts you donate to soldiers' families or veterans made me realize once more we have a pretty messed up view here ... On the one hand we are ok with our military doing peace keeping missions on the other hand we do our best to ignore their existence.

"soldier cemetery 1914-1918" on the city cemetery in the middle of my home town

our mountain cemetary with the graves for the 2nd World war
the memorial

and the 400 something graves

There won't be any new soldiers' garves - Germany is officialyl not at war (just doign peace keeping missions) and per definition we can't have fallen soldiers and therfore need no cemetaries for them.



  1. Hey Leo,
    The 20th century had some dark times for Germany. I can understand why people are shy to address these issues. Many people who lived it are still alive. They don't want to revisit those dark times.

    Even the actions in todays conflicts in the Middle East are not clearly righteous causes. I speak more of my own government here; but I understand the ambivalence that some Germans must feel too. CW

  2. I imagine war is a terribly difficult subject for Germany. Americans are very good at honouring their war dead - but then they wage a lot of war. Canada is a bit more wishy-washy, but there is a very "honourable" history from the two world wars.
    And now Canada also does peace keeping but still men and women die.

  3. Oh Leo this is heartbreaking. I really am at a loss for words. One would have thought with the passing of time, things would be different.