catching up, a winner and good news

I manage to catch up on last weeks hint of Easy Street - and will probably fall behind again on this weeks hint.

Easy Street 2

well I actually have all sewn now and 30 are trimmed and "stapled"

Easy Street 2

As I was on the phone with my mum and we were looking for a topic that wouldn't get us to yell at each other I thought Iwould ask for a number betwen 0 and 28 (hoping she wouldn't choose 0 or 28) and she picked the 16.

That makes Janet our winner: "Sometimes I buy Quilting Arts magazine because it has interesting patterns and shows different techniques for working with fabric and embellishments. Otherwise I only buy the occasional magazine."

Noone really wanted to ask questions - well I know everyone is busy entering and running to the next blog - but I actually had 1 Person ask soemthing, and that person happens to be a no-reply logger so I guess Iwill answer here:
So first what do you call that star above it's woven but what pattern did you use or did you create it yourself?
 Well that star is an "unfinished" Fröbelstern (Fröbel Star) which is originally made from paper. I have been making those stars for ages, I didn't really use a pattern, but I know there are (several hundred) tutorials out there on how to make them.
Second what is your favorite wild color combo? I personally like Bright orange and gray and purple and gray. 
Hmm I would not say that anything mixed with gray is wild - gray itself is a basic, mute colour. I will go for dark pine tree green and ruby red, or my eggplant purple and orange orange. (Though there are a lot more of those combos out there those are the ones I dream about)


Ahh the good news part - I get to sew a quilt and I actually will get paid for the material, I struck a deal with mum (yes soemtimes we have quite civilised conversations), though it's eventually around a few corners not her that's paying me. The quilt goes to a a mother who just got the single custody for her children (2 boys) and a baby girl, a preemy who was put into emergency foster care a few weeks ago. Well she asked me if I could imagine doing something special she could give the mother if (and that was a big IF back then) she got her girl back. That's making me really nervous. You could say that's quilting for a good cause ... Well she settled on a baby/ kid quilt/ playmat

And I finally managed to stitch the label and attach it for November and wrap everything nicely and send it off to Sweden: (Don't you love that racing car wrapping paper?)



  1. Leo, I am thrilled to win! And I like your Easy Street colours. I'm going to do a post showing mine soon. The ducky fabric will be super cute for a baby. I hope that family's story continues to be a happy one!

  2. Leo, congratulations on being caught up on your Easy Street quilt - I'm always afraid to join in on one of those because I'd be hopelessly behind pretty quickly! Whoop whoop!!