I am crazy

You know something is wrong when it's July and you still haven't "bought" your Christmas present from last year. I had this little budget to buy machine parts - well sewing feet and the like, maybe a few rulers. So when it was time to sit down and write the birthday wihslist those items where still not in my possesion I figured I was doing something wrong. So off I went a little googling and I found the nearest PFAFF dealer and went there. 

You know my machine? it's older than me so it's ancient and the sales person was really sorry, they don't really produce quilting stuff for those ancient machines and ohh it got more and more frustrating. I really do like my trusty old Lady she never let me down I know her inside out, there probably isn't a screw that resistet my curiosity. [orry she doesn't have a name] Ohh yes before you ask - of course you can quilt huge quilts on that machine - you just need arms like Popeye and a lot of patience rolling your quilt and  wrestle-squeeze it - or is it squeeze-wrestle?

Anyway - as I'm going to be ancient next week I decided I'm old enough to get myself a birthday present. So it was nice that the last remnants of my "former life" in Leipzig turned up on my doorstep or rather in my post box.So yeah I decided a decent sewing machine should be my first own gift.

cutting off the last inhuman connection

This post has an unusual amount of text - so I will just add a few more pictures and let you know about my machine on my birthday. Ha now I have even more to look forward to than ripping wrapping off (that crunch - tear - crushl part is absolutely satisfying). Singing Haydns Creation in Frankfurt and eating a ton of fridge-baked cakes (I don't have an oven).

And maybe this year I will remember to share some birhtday goodies with you - do remind me if I forget.

But I promised some more pictures: so first off we have my first paper -piecing ever, well first finished PP I did have some prjects that a very frustrated me tore apart and hid deep down in the bin. It's a 6,5" cupcake (I guess you can see that) block for the Bee Biased hostess (the Lady organising it? being sort of motherly if we run late - you know the part about making us feel guilty and all) July was her month as Queen and it's her birthday month so she got that as an extra. It's not perfect but I think I feel comfortable saying it's not to bad for a first ...

BeeBiased - July - Bee hostess' birthday extra block

Urghh sorry that was even more text - I will try something with more pictures later this week - I promise.

[Late night add to the post:] Well I checked the postbox this mornign when I left the house early in the morning - just wishful thinkin on my part, and when I got back I had the hands ful with groceries so no checking the mail box. But I remembered a few minutes ago and went again and look what I found my first July-Bee-Queen block: 

July Queen block - NewbeeBee - from Christine

And no I'm not going to be patient and save them all up till the big day ...



  1. How fantastic...you buying yourself a machine for yourself for your birthday!! Congrats, and can't wait to read about it. :)

    (And btw...I think it's definitely wrestle-squeeze ;)

  2. Hallo Leo,
    Dein pp Block gefällt mir sehr gut, den hast Du doch perfekt hin bekommen.
    Und auf die neue Maschine bin ich sehr gespannt.

  3. Hallo Leo,
    ich habe eben erst diesen Blogbeitrag gelesen. Deshalb kommt mein Kommentar erst einen Monat später. Ich habe eine uralte Pfaff Hobbymatic 933, die nur unwesentlich "jünger" ist als Deine. Ich habe mir zusätzlich eine ganz moderne Brother Maschine geholt. Aber ich nähe nach wie vor mit meiner alten. Und weil ich keine Maschinenfüßchen für die alte Maschine mehr bekomme, benutze ich die von der Brother. Die passen nämlich zufälligerweise. Die alte Maschine näht die geraden Nähte einfach schneller. Da treibt mich die neue Brother zum Wahnsinn...
    Viele Grüße