progress report

This week ther is much less to report progress on ... yeah I sort of dug my teeth into something I knew I had to finish because the colours give me the creeps - but hey I'm a Swabian we don't throw away things just because we don't like them - if they can be used they will be used.

top done - border?
the whole thing measures 47 x 62 inches ... 
and I have no idea what to do with it now - any ideas for a border?
It all started with some blue shirts that the local THW - Federal Agency for Technical Relief was "throwing out" and some old bed linens I had lying around in apricot and white. They all worked nicely together being well washed (and used) so being soft despite the rather coarse/rough weave.I think I showed the trial block last week - well that's the top done - 1 shirt, 1/2 apricot linen, 1 white linen

old shirts

Apart from that there hasn't been happening much - I got a few more Bee blocks, I guess I will need a second design wall. I have half of the June blocks, the purple, orange, red ones and 2 July blocks. But yeah the I didn't really work on those blocks - I mean I just carried them upstairs.

design wall update

July Queen block - NewbeeBee - from Karen      July Queen block - NewbeeBee - from Christine

And I finally got around to sew my block for this fortnight (that's 14 days - I got some questiosn so I thought I woudl mention it) of the Landmädel QAL - sunset sewing picked an "easy" block: whirlpool, well I might have to do it again with less HSTs and more flying geese, maybe I will get the seams to mach better.

Landmädel QAL - whirlpool

Ohh well yeah I did start hand sewing the binding to my bluegreenpink quilt - that I'm liking more and more especially the back ...

sewing on the bidning



  1. I love that you are making a quilt with the old shirts and bed linens-sort of a nice connection to our quilting ancestors who had to make do.

  2. Liebe Leonie,
    Du hast heut ja ganz viel zu zeigen und Dein Quilt aus Resten kann sich super gut sehen lassen.

  3. Wow Leo, that's a lot of work! I think I would just pick a bright solid for a binding and call it a day on the first top. Love the bee blocks and QAL and whirlpool are cool blocks too. I like the colors in those blocks a lot! congrates on the finished quilt! cheers, CW

  4. beautiful blue shirt and linen quilt they do play quite nice together!

  5. The backing for your bluegreenpink quilt is wonderful. What is it, may I ask? Points also for using old clothing & linen. Till today, I didn't know what Swabian was!

  6. I like the blue, apricot and white quilt - maybe a solid in a darker version of the blue or apricot for the border? And all of your blocks are great! Whoop whoop for a productive week!

  7. ooo - love that backing for it, and the yellow gingham binding is so nice with it. :)

  8. Sounds like you had a great week!! I wish I could get so much achieved.As far as advice for a border - I would go white-blue-white strips and miter the corner. You could even have some "Open" spaces in the strips to make it more modern? Keep up the good work.