Sunday Stash on Monday

While in London - I couldn't resist spending the "vacation allowance" my granny (one more secret how students support their fabric habits - of course first you need a granny who likes you). So staying true to my usual ways - I bought what I liked without planning on using the fabric for anything specific.

new fabrics

I did take some pitures without the chocolate - but then I thought this would be the perfect chance to do some food education. Ritter Sport is mostly known for their square chocolate bars, but well they do a few other things too and my absolute favourite is the Jamaica Rum bar ... I doubt they will survive long on my desk.

But I also have a lot of old and strange fabrics come into my stash - my great aunt passed away before Christmas and none of her daughters wanted the sewing supplies so I'm currently going through boxes and tins with all sorts of interessting things, but yeah some of it also goes straight into the bin. Anyway here is part of what she called "Wäschespitzen" - clothes' lace.

old lace

The one rigth below the blue leave-ribbon/band is actually from an underskirt. I just need to find out what to do with it ... I think I haven't worn anyhting with lace since the culture shock of going to secondary school.


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  1. Hey Leo, the colors of your new fabrics are great! I have a similar basket of lace that I inherited from an old family friend. I keep trying to figure out ways to use it but like you said ( I paraphase) ' I can't remember the last time I worn a garment with lace?!' I think maybe I will just sew them all to a big piece of white muslin and quilt it and call it a quilt and that will be that! Have fun with all of your new/ old goodies! cheers, CW