New Year new sewing

First off I had a little second Christmas - I won a selfmade FQ bundle from Andrea @ Quiltmanufaktur

Wintergewinn - 2ndChristmas

We have a fabulous pink for my pink therapy quilt - trying to overcome my aversion, green because well if you have a look around, I simply love green. Wealso have blues, because I found out I have hardly any dark blues - well at least not ones I like, then of course I couldn't miss that purple - anyother favourite of mine - and to balance it out a red.

I got a good deal of sewing done on the Christmas Mystery Quilt - but I don't really like the diamond part (step2) so I'm thinking of comingup with an alternative filler for those parts - maybe a marine pointy block with neeutral background ... like last years Celtic solstice pointy blocks ... or furthering the yellow/turquoise checkerboard

Christmas Mystery - need to find an alternative filler for the blank spots



  1. Lovely fabrics that you won. Like your colors for Grand Illusion.

  2. You are getting there!

  3. Nice fabric prize!

    Your mystery quilt looks pretty so far. I hope you find a replacement for the diamonds that will make you happy.