Bee blocks galore

I am finally getting around to sewing again - I had quite a busy time moving and participating in several Bees during that time. At one point I simply had enough and went into hiding.

Now I'm paying the price catching up on the blocks - though they are perfect to get into sewing again - free form sort of look see try discard do over rip apart leave a little crooked ...

Ich hoffe das Endergebnis wirds auch ... pheww
translation: fluffy

I'm not completely back in the game - I can't find the SD-card for my camera so you will have to make to with the pictures taken in rainy-weather with a mediochre phone camera ...

Baskets ... Der letzte kriegt wohl noch ein patchiges Aussehen - hab ich viel zu spät entdeckt ....


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  1. Bot projects are really cute! Nice to hear from you in Blogland! cheers!