still no sewing

No sewing last week - it got a bit busy. Finally over a year of conference planning payed out and we got to listen to some interessting projects and ideas and theories on reading literacy. Probably not everyone's cup of tea.

I consoled myself with dreaming up projects with these basic colours and addind yellows and teals to them ...
 I'm always amazed how wrong colours look on pictures ...



  1. Would you like to describe what the colors really look like? Or even the brand or designer, if you know.

  2. Hey Leo,
    Glad to hear all your planning paid off! I did not know that part of your library studies included literacy?! I thought literacy in Germany was not big a problem like it is here in the states? I thought all the vowel sounds played nice in German i.e.a phonetic rule when applied is correct all the time? Unlike English where sometimes they only apply (are correct) maybe 50% of the time?!
    Your right about the photo, I don't see any teal in there?! Happy sewing! CW